Our Solution

MedicaMetrix is developing a comprehensive prostate cancer screening and diagnosis solution that has five key components:

  • Consumer PCa Journey Website/App — consumers come to this website to learn about prostate cancer, assess prostate cancer risk, consult a physician online, order at-home PSA/PSAplus test kits and obtain referrals to a urologist, if needed, for a ProstaMetrix exam
  • PSA/PSAplus At-Home Tests – based on an online physician consult, consumers can order and perform at-home PSA tests and privately receive results and urologist referral online
  • ProstaMetrix Volumetric Test – consumer is referred to a urologist for a ProstaMetrix exam if their PSA/PSAplus results are above a specified threshold. 
  • PSAD/Risk Score Analytics – based on the PSA/PSAplus and ProstaMetrix results, as well as a series of patient personal and family history data, MM provides the urologists a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s risk based on the latest medical research/guidelines
  • Global PCa Registry — with leading medical institutions/associations and in compliance with HIPPA, GDPR and other local data privacy laws, MM will capture the complete series of patient PCa-related data and analytics to support future research under the oversight of the medical communitity