Addressing Unmet Needs in Prostate Disease Management
1 in 8 Men Are Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Every Year
Prostate Cancer Is the 2nd Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths in Men
ProstaMetrix Improves Patient Outcomes from Diagnosis to Monitoring
MedicaMetrix: Moving Prostate Disease Management Forward with New Technologies
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The ProstaMetrix Platform Detects, Diagnoses, and Monitors Prostate Disease in a Single Doctor’s Visit

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The Unmet Need

  • Healthcare professionals today are limited to a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) to determine if the prostate is enlarged 
  • DREs are a subjective test and they do not provide a reproducible measurement of prostate volume
  • PSA Tests have a 75% false positive rate and cannot be used on their own to accurately diagnose prostate disease 
  • Healthcare professionals today must use costly MRIs or invasive TRUS to determine the volume of the prostate

The ProstaMetrix Solution

Urologists believe that prostate volume is one of the best predictors of disease progression

  • Provides the ability to healthcare professionals to perform Quantitative Digital Rectal Exams (QDRE) to determine prostate volume

  • Allows for integration with the ProstaMetrix PSA Test to provide Prostate Density (PSAD) at the time of the initial doctor’s visit

  • Proprietary data management system that tracks over time PSA, Prostate Volume, and PSAD, allows practitioners and patients to monitor the progress of their disease
  • Reduces the amount of unnecessary MRIs, TRUS, and biopsies, saving the healthcare system $10s of millions per year
  • Preventing unnecessary intervention protects men against ED, incontinence, and other complications
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The ProstaMetrix Value Proposition