Prostate cancer affects 1 out of 9 men.
Prostate volume is an important biomarker for assessing prostate disease.
ProstaMetrix provides volumetric measure of the prostate, and helps physicians determine appropriate therapies and treatments.


MedicaMetrix is a place for pioneers, inventors, and creative thinkers – those with a passion for advancing patient care and improving the life of millions globally.


We seek to improve clinical outcomes, lower the cost of healthcare and enhance the patient experience.

Innovative Medtech

Identify, recruit and acquire innovative medical devices in close partnership with their front-line healthcare innovator-inventors.

Design & Engineering

Nurture and leverage outstanding design and engineering talent globally.

Clinical Excellence

Plan and conduct clinical trials with leading medical professionals around the world to refine and demonstrate product excellence, while ensuring they safely solve unmet needs.

Global Regulatory Expertise

Accelerate registrations, certifications and approvals required for market entry and fair and profitable reimbursement for our products and services worldwide.

Strategic Alliances

Establish efficient and flexible global sales and distribution networks by creating high-performing channel partners and strategic alliances.

Global Supply Chain

Create scalable, efficient global manufacturing and supply chains that produce high-quality devices with attractive margins.


We identify gaps in medical technologies and collaborate
with front-line clinicians, product designers and developers to create transformational devices, solutions and platforms.

Prostate health management, redefined.

We are leading the development of a new paradigm that transforms the diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate disease by filling the gap between PSA testing and imaging / biopsies.

SureSet Securement
Organized, secure infusion site set-up for a standard, stable process.

We recognized the need for a safer, more systematized process to better manage the infusion site, providing patients maximum comfort and improved quality of care delivery.

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