We're out to transform prostate disease management.

Our Vision & Mission

MedicaMetrix has a unique vision to significantly advance men’s healthcare by introducing innovative medical devices and assays that address a widely recognized health issue: prostate management. Prostate disease the second leading cause of male cancer death.

We define our mission as solving a global unmet need of both patients and physicians: being able to monitor the progression of prostate disease without radical intervention. Such an achievement will be nothing less than a breakthrough in worldwide healthcare, one that will not only provide untold benefit to patients and their families, but will substantially lower the cost of this disease to society as a whole.

Who We Are

MedicaMetrix was founded in May 2020 to focus on advancing men’s healthcare by introducing innovative medical devices and assays. We are headquartered in Lowell, MA, USA. To date, the company has raised $5 million. We have renowned industry advisors that guide the development and commercialization of our products, and we collaborate closely with leading, world-class medical research institutions worldwide.