For Clinicians & Patients

The ProstaMetrix™ platform provides prostate volume measurement equivalent to today’s imaging technologies at the time of each patient’s visit, which helps physicians assess a patient’s prostate status to better plan and monitor treatments, opt for drug therapies, and determine data-driven recommendations for prostate biopsies versus active surveillance.

The value of the ProstaMetrix Platform includes:

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  • Reduction of unnecessary imaging procedures 
  • Prevention of unnecessary biopsies
  • Data-driven medical intervention appropriate to the patient’s current condition
  • Efficient utilization of healthcare resources
  • Cost Savings to the healthcare system by making prostate volume and PSAD a point-of-care test
  • Data Management allows clinicians to continuously monitor the progression of the patient’s prostate disease at every doctor’s visit.
    This means GPs and urologists will have the tools to better diagnose and offer the right medical intervention at the right time. Thus, patients stay in active surveillance longer, improving their overall quality of life while reducing unnecessary negative outcomes.
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For Payors

The most commonly used screening and diagnostic tests for prostate cancer, DRE and PSA, have generated a large number of false positives.

For payors, reducing the number of false positives means reductions in the number and cost of biopsies and imaging procedures.

This means reduced complications and costs resulting from major diagnostic and treatment procedures, as well as the cost associated with any negative outcomes from such procedures. Some estimates suggest savings to payors could approach $1 billion in the U.S. annually.