MedicaMetrix Announces FDA Registration of MedicaMetrix Devices Private Limited for Manufacturing Purposes

This registration for the company’s manufacturing division in India prepares for future international distribution of multiple products.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (September 21, 2021) –  MedicaMetrix Inc. announced the successful approval of its FDA registration for “MedicaMetrix Devices Private Limited” which will act as a future manufacturing site for MedicaMedrix Inc.. This registration is the latest step forward in the company’s domestic and international growth strategy.

The manufacturing component of MedicaMetrix, located in Hyderabad, is planned to be part of the manufacturing chain for the company’s portfolio of products including:

  • ProstaMetrix™- a minimally invasive medical device utilizing a fingertip optical encoder, associated controller, and battery pack.
  • SureSet –  an IV securement device that secures the catheter hub and infusion tube for easy access and removal.

“This is a huge step forward in bringing our products to the market both in the U.S. and internationally,” said Satish Vankayalapati, Chairman and Founder of MedicaMetrix. “The relationship with our divisions and manufacturing in India is critical to our future growth and this FDA registration will be a key component to achieving those goals.”

MedicaMetrix continues to focus on its strategy of growth across international platforms by gaining approval for ProstaMetrix and other technologies with both domestic and international agencies.

About MedicaMetrix
MedicaMetrix develops innovative technologies and device solutions that transform the healthcare status quo, leading to better medical outcomes, streamlined care, and enhanced patient experience.

MedicaMetrix is leading the development of a new paradigm that transforms the diagnosis, treatment, and management of prostate health by filling the gap between PSA testing and imaging / biopsies.

MedicaMetrix is planning to acquire and develop other new medical devices with the goal to bring them to market rapidly by leveraging planned production facilities in the U.S. and India.

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MedicaMetrix, Inc.

Source: MedicaMetrix, Inc.
Released September 21, 2021

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