The ProstaMetrix Device

Prostametrix device

The ProstaMetrix™ platform provides accurate volumetric measures of the prostate throughout the entire prostate health journey, from the point of initial assessment through evolution of prostate change over time. It is a minimally invasive medical device designed to accurately measure the volume of the prostate gland early in the diagnosis process and throughout a patient’s ongoing care with his clinical team.

The ProstaMetrix measurement can be done easily at a clinician’s office during a routine digital rectal exam (DRE), and with minimal patient discomfort. The system consists of a controller device connected to a fingertip optical encoder.

  • It measures prostate width and calculates volume using a proprietary algorithm,  fiber optic sensors, and roller-wheel technology
  • It enables early calculation of PSAD (PSA density), which can more accurately differentiate between high-risk and low-risk patients better than a PSA test alone
  • The device features embedded data management to track prostate growth over time
  • The ProstaMetrix algorithm has been tested against trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) at Emerson Hospital in a 97-patient data set where it was shown to correlate to ultrasound


  • PSANext is the next-generation men’s health assay kit for Total PSA, Free PSA, Total Testosterone, and Free Testosterone
  • This assay kit will be an at-home, 510(k)-cleared product that integrates with the ProstaMetrix system
  • The aim is to provide the same or better specificity as the existing gold standard, at lower cost