The ProstaMetrix™ System Transforms Prostate Health Management

ProstaMetrix is a minimally invasive medical device designed to accurately measure the volume of the prostate gland early in the diagnosis process and throughout a patient’s ongoing care with his clinical team.

An Innovation in Accurate
Prostate Volume Determination

Accurate prostate volume measurement helps physicians assess a patient’s prostate status to better plan and monitor treatments, opt for drug therapies, and determine data driven recommendations for prostate biopsies versus active surveillance.

Using ProstaMetrix to measure prostate volume early in the diagnostic process, in conjunction with other tools, enables more accurate diagnosis of prostate health and differentiates patient risk, allowing clinicians to make appropriate and effective treatment decisions.

Accurate Quantatative Measurements

ProstaMetrix reduces the number of false negatives and false positives by including volume in the prostate assessment.

ProstaMetrix directs clinician decisions for therapies that are more appropriately targeted to a prostate patient’s condition.

Higher accuracy results in a reduction of painful, debilitating and costly treatments for patients.

ProstaMetrix assists clinicians throughout the entire prostate health journey to effectively monitor and continually reassess and stratify patient risk in continuum of care.

Designed for Simplicity
and Ease of Use

The ProstaMetrix measurement can be done easily at a clinician’s office during a routine digital rectal exam (DRE), and with minimal patient discomfort.

The ProstaMetrix system consists of a controller device connected to a fingertip optical encoder. 

  • The encoder is placed over the clinicians finger and used to measure the width of the patient’s prostate.
  • The Width of Palpable Surface of the prostate is measured and recorded with the encoder.
  • The controller then uses the width measurement to calculate the volume of the prostate in cubic centimeters (cc). 

ProstaMetrix provides accurate volumetric measures of the prostate throughout the entire prostate health journey, from the point of initial assessment through evolution of prostate change over time. 

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