Redefining Infusion Site Securement and Management

The SureSet Peripheral IV device enables a thoughtful, more
systematized process to better manage the IV infusion site, while
providing patients with maximum comfort and improved quality of care.

Streamlined Infusion Site
Placement and Management.

The SureSet™ Peripheral IV device creates a streamlined  step-by-step standard system to reliably stabilize the IV
catheter hub and organize the infusion tubing. This allows
reliable and easy access, reduces variation in IV site
placement and management, and defines a safer system
to manage the infusion site.

One Simple Device, One Method.

Simple Application

SureSet is applied to a standard protective dressing, which allows for easy infusion site set-up.

Easy Site Access

The clinical care team can conveniently access and manage site tubing.

A Consistent and Defined Standard

Certiset defines a uniform method and uses less adhesives on the skin: Less variability, more safety. Fewer adhesives, less ouch.

One-Step Removal

The dressing and the device can easily be removed together.

The SureSet Method

The arrangement of the tubing in the SureSet
device forms an omega loop configuration,
effectively securing the device so that it does not
advance or withdraw. This unique method is unlike
any other IV securement device.

The SureSet Peripheral IV device is beneficial in many types of
patient care settings from intensive care units and surgery
centers to outpatient, long-term and home care.

Acute Care

Home Care for
RN Caregivers

Long-Term Care

Infusion Centers

Direct-to-End User

To learn more about how SureSet can improve
your site securement process, contact us.