The SureSet™ Peripheral IV Device Redefines Infusion Site Securement and Management

We recognized the need for a thoughtful, more systematized process to better manage the IV infusion site. The SureSet™ Peripheral IV securement device affords patients maximum comfort and improved quality of care.

A Standardized Process for
Patients and Clinical Care Teams

Over 300 million peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVs) are used yearly in the United States1 with a failure rate of up to 69%.2 With infusion site placement and management varying by care setting, clinicians use tape and bandages in a variety of ways to attempt to fasten the infusion tubing and stabilize the catheter. This variability can lead to difficulty with access, patient discomfort, catheter disruption and site failure.

SureSet Provides Streamlined Infusion Site
Placement and Management

Simple Application

SureSet is applied to a standard protective dressing, which allows for easy infusion site set-up.

Easy Site Access

The clinical care team can conveniently access and manage site tubing.

A Consistent and Defined Standard

SureSet defines a uniform method and uses fewer adhesives on the skin, resulting in less variability, increased safety and improved patient comfort.

One-Step Removal

The protective dressing and the device are easily removed together.

A Standardized Process for
Patients and Clinical Care Teams

The SureSet Method

The arrangement of the tubing in the SureSet device forms an omega loop configuration, effectively securing the indwelling catheter so that it does not advance or withdraw. 

This unique method is unlike any other IV securement device. It allows care teams a consistently secured catheter and tubing, while also allowing ready access to the catheter hub.

The SureSet Peripheral IV device is beneficial in many types of patient care settings from intensive care units and surgery centers to outpatient, long-term and home care.

Acute Care

Home Care for
RN Caregivers

Long-Term Care

Infusion Centers

Direct-to-End User

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